sonogram taken 9/13/03Here is the first picture of Baby Tinker. We were not able determine if the baby is a boy or girl yet. Laura is scheduled for another sonogram on Saturday, October 4th.
sonogram taken 10/04/03The pictures of the heart and spine were unclear in the first sonogram, so the doctor asked for a second look. We were able to see our baby more clearly this time. The technician was pretty confident in telling us we will be having a girl! We have chosen a name to replace "Baby Tinker". That will remain a secret until the big day.
BeforeLaura and I spent some time redecorating the nursery. The original decor was plain white walls with a Noah's Ark border against the ceiling. One wall was covered with dark blue wallpaper. We wanted something different.
AfterAbout a year ago, we were shopping at Lowe's. We came across a really neat wallpaper border for a nursery. We bought a roll. This fall, we got around to working on the nursery. We placed two coats of primer over all of the painted surfaces. We finished the walls with a two-color scheme that matches the wallpaper. The top half of the walls is painted "Lemonade" yellow. The bottom portion of the wall is a light green. The border divides the two colors.

We bought a crib and changing table at Babies-R-Us in Harrisburg. Joe had the task of putting the furniture together.

Laura's Baby ShowerLaura's Baby ShowerLaura's Baby Shower

Laura's Baby ShowerLaura's shower was held at her parents' house on November 28, 2003. She enjoyed the company of family and close friends. We truly appreciate everything that has been given to us. Thanks for being a part of Baby Tinker's life!

Baby Shower at Bedford Elementary SchoolBaby Shower at Bedford Elementary SchoolBaby Shower at Bedford Elementary School
Baby Shower at Bedford Elementary SchoolBaby Shower at Bedford Elementary SchoolBlack Bear
Laura's coworkers and students each gave her a shower on her last day at Bedford (January 20, 2004). The teachers have been very supportive during Laura's pregnancy. Lakecia's musical card, and Kaye's commentary were highlights of the shower. Baby Treasure will love the wonderful gifts. Laura has many wonderful memories of her (almost) five years at Bedford. She will keep all of you close to her heart. Enjoy the rest of the school year!

Baby Tinker Has Arrived!
Elise NicoleElise NicoleElise Nicole
Elise NicoleBlack Bear
Elise Nicole Tinker was born at Franklin Square Hospital in Baltimore, MD on February 18, 2004 at 5:17 PM. She weighed in at 8 pounds, 1 ounce.

Front Right Bedroom July 27, 2002
Front Right Bedroom on move-in day- July 27, 2002
Elise's new bedroom
Elise's new bedroom- June 2006