Elise and Lilly's Place
Winter at the Tinker household has been fun. We have enjoyed playing with the kids and going places. Below is an assortment of pictures.

Joe has returned from his chilly dip in the Chesapeake. He has raised $280.38 as of today! Thanks to those that donated, Joe was encouraged to really get wet. The following pictures and movies document the experience.  I really didn't think he would get as wet as he did, however I was right in the fact that he did not totally submerge himself.  He got everything wet except for his face.  His excuse was that he was short of breath at the time.  I told him to go back out, but by that time, he was only interested in drying off!

Enjoy the pictures and videos.  You will need to press the PLAY ARROW to view the video clips.  The files are big, so those of you on dial-up connections may have a long wait.

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Getting into the water

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Getting OUT of the water
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Elise and Lilly checking out the beach

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