Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Saturday, July 12, 2003

Starting Location: Ft. Nelson, BC

Destination: Watson Lake, Yukon Territory

Trip Description: I was glad to leave Ft. Nelson. I did not sleep very well last night. Evidently, the Westend campground is a home for gas pipeline work crews. They were noisy! I awoke to a skidding vehicle at 5:30 this morning. Laura slept through most of it. I called home to check on things, as Laura got the vehicle ready to leave. We were on the road around 10:30. The trip from Ft. Nelson to Watson Lake is very scenic. We spotted three bears, a herd of small mountain sheep, a caribou, and countless mountains. This has been the most scenic day of the trip so far.

Gas prices average around 88 cents per liter (CDN $) We figure it is close to $2/gallon (USD). I can feel my wallet getting lighter each time we fill the huge RV tank. On the plus side, we have stayed in (mostly) good campgrounds. The place we are staying tonight (Downtown RV Park) is clean and very quiet. That means a lot after a long day of driving. Tomorrow, we will visit the sign forest here in Watson Lake before heading north on the Alaska Highway. We will either stop in Whitehorse, YT or Skagway, AK. We have not made any final decisions yet. Check back here later...


A bear crosses the Alaska Highway

mountain sheep/goats

mountains in the distance (northern BC)

caribou crossing road

Laura at Muncho Lake

The sign says it all