Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2003

Starting Location: Cache Creek, BC

Destination: Vancouver, BC

Trip Description: Our journey today took us southward along the Fraser River canyon. We stopped at a place called Hell's Gate. It is a deep, narrow spot in the river. There is a tram that takes passengers from the road level down to the river. It is an exciting, but quick ride. We walked around, took pictures, and ascended on another tram. The photos below show the great power of the Fraser River.

We checked into a realy nice RV park in Burnaby, BC. We're about 5 miles or so from downtown Vancouver. The facilities here are first class. There are the standard water, electricity, and sewer hookups. In addition, we have cable TV and a phone line to our RV. The bathrooms are the nicest we have seen in awhile. There is a large indoor pool and a laundry room. I think we're going to stay here for two nights. Tomorrow we will leave the RV here and take public transportation around Vancouver. It will be a busy day!

For those of you who have been trying to contact us, we can now be reached by phone (our home phone #). Wireless phone coverage is much more complete here. Contacting us via e-mail is convienient, as most RV parks have some form of Internet access.


It was a fun ride!

chainsaw sculpture of salmon at Hell's Gate

looking upstream from the tram car