Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Monday, July 28, 2003

Starting Location: Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Destination: Vancouver, WA (USA)

Trip Description: Today we left one Vancouver to go to another. We started our day by having brunch at Tim Horton's. I got a haircut at a local salon. This is the first time in at least 17 years that anyone other than the Italian barbers in Cockeysville has cut my hair. The stylist did a good job. I'm ready to deal with the heat on our journey southward.

Today was the hottest day since we left Wyoming a few weeks ago. The temperature in Seattle was probably in the 90's. The Portland, OR news broadcast is making a really big deal about the heat. It isn't that uncomfortable. I guess they're not acustomed to it.

We were in bumper-to-bumper traffic waiting to cross the US border today. We crossed at Blaine, WA. This time, we were pulled into the customs station (parked). It seems we may have been carying contraband food. Yes, the US Department of Agriculture is worried about food products that are bought in Canada. The guy at the border asked me if I was carrying any fruit, vegetables, or meats that I bought in Canada. I guess my answer was less than satisfactory, as I mentioned hot dogs. The AG Department agent then cleared our refigerator for entry into the United States. They didn't ask about alcohol, tobacco, or firearms this time around. It all depends on who's line you get into. From my experience, the US Customs Service is much more active than the Canadians. As long as you are not bringing weapons into Canada, you are fine.

We took a detour into Seattle for a look around. We went by the baseball stadium, where a Mariners game was about to start. Seattle has some nice areas downtown, in which you can walk, eat, and shop.

The ride from Seattle south to Vancouver, WA on I-5 is rather boring. We stopped at the Dairy Queen for a cool treat. At about 9:30, we pulled into the campground. We watched the local news, then settled in for the nght.


waiting in line at the border crossing

a warm welcome home

Welcome to Washington, The Evergreen State

Seattle in the distance, note Space Needle on right side

the Space Needle