Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Starting Location: Vancouver, WA

Destination: south of Coos Bay, OR

Trip Description: Today had a hot start and a cool finish. We started the day by getting the oil changed in the RV. We then went to Elmer's Restaurant in Portland, OR for lunch. The food was very good. We particularly enjoyed the cream of mushroom soup.

The drive south was very hot. The high temperature along the I-5 corridor was above 100. We headed west to Lincoln City, a seaside town. We drove down a steep hill to the beach. This was our first sighting of the Pacific Ocean. The temperature was 30 cooler near the water. The sea breeze was wonderful. We took off our shoes and went for a walk on the beach. The water is very cold. It is certainly different from Ocean City, MD!

We took the scenic drive down US 101. This road stays close to the coast. There was something worth stopping for around every corner. There were also many state parks and other recreation areas along the way from Lincoln City to Coos Bay. We pushed on until dark, because we got a slow start. We pulled into a quiet hilltop RV park and called it a day. Tomorrow, we will continue down US 101 into California. We hope to get near San Francisco by evening.


Welcome to Oregon!

Laura and Joe at the Pacific Ocean

Both Laura and the RV love the cool breeze.

The sign says it all! (US 101)