Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Sunday, July 6, 2003

Starting Location: Sundance, WY (Reuter Campground)

Destination: Worland, WY

Trip Description: Today started early for me. I drove with the campground host to find Emil Reuter's grave. We left the campground at 6:00 AM. He drove, I navigated. We encountered some cattle grazing near the side of the road. Some cattle were walking down the road. The younger ones liked to run beside the truck. The older ones had enough intelligence to let it pass. We found the correct road. It's a poorly marked gravel road leading into the canyon. The grave was easy to spot, because the forest service had recently erected a large fence around it. The old wooden sign denoting the grave location is weathered and bearly legible. See the link below for more information on the location of the grave. We drove farther down the road to a mine entrance in the side of the hill. I took some pictures. We returned to the campground. Laura was still asleep.

We got on the road at 11:00. We drove west on I-90 to Buffalo, WY. The scenery looks drier and more "Western". In the distance we saw the snow-capped peaks of the Bighorn Mountains. We slowly crossed the mountains on US 16. It is a very scenic route. We ate an afternoon snack at Powder River Pass (9666 ft.). Coming down the western slope of the mountains was somewhat stressful. The RV handles differently from a car. We took it slow. At 7:00 PM, we were both tired. We pulled in to the campground to relax. Tomorrow, we hope to get to Yellowstone N.P.


Emil Reuter's grave

Mine entrance near grave

Powder River Pass

Laura at Powder River Pass

common flowers


Bighorn Mountains