Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Monday, July 7, 2003

Starting Location: Worland, WY

Destination: West Yellowstone, MT

Trip Description: We headed south from Worland to Thermopolis. The world's largest hot spring is located there. We stopped to take a dip at the state bath house. You can relax in the hot mineral water for 20 minutes (FREE!). We drove around the park and saw buffalo grazing. After lunch at the hot spring, we drove to Yellowstone N.P. on a deserted road. It sure is a lonely area! We arrived at the East Entrance Station in the early afternoon. We climbed slowly up the mountain to a pass that still had some snow nearby. We did the touristy thing and threw snow at each other. The drive around Yellowstone Lake was impressive. The lake is rather large. Our destination in Yellowstone was Old Faithful. We waited to see an eruption. It was really cool. I took a small video of Old Faithful. I'll place it on this page soon.

After seeing Old Faithful, we drove to another hot spring area. We walked around the bubbling pools, through the hot steam. It was a unique experience. As it was getting late, we decided to leave Yellowstone to find a place to stay for the night. Luckily, the Yellowstone KOA had a couple of spaces left. It sure is crowded here! Tomorrow, we should be on our way north to Glacier National Park. It's about 320 miles from here.


Hot Spring in Thermopolis, WY

Yellowstone NP

Snow...on July 7th!

A buffalo in Yellowstone NP

Laura and Old Faithful

Welcome to Montana!