Alaskan Trip Journal

Date: Thursday, June 26, 2003

Starting Location: Oak Park, IL

Destination: Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park (near Preston, MN)

Trip Description: Today's journey took us from the congestion of Chicago to the quiet beauty of southeast Minnesota. The day started off with showers. As we headed into Wisconsin, the skies cleared and it became windy. It is difficult to drive the RV with a crosswind. We were making good progress.

As we left the highway for gas, I noticed that the power steering and brakes were not working. We were able to get the vehicle to a garage and have the belts replaced. We were then on our way across the Mississippi River, and into Minnesota.

We decided to take a scenic route to the campground. This was a mistake from a practical standpoint, because there was a poorly marked detour that took us in a different drection. I'm still glad we left the interstate, because this area of Minnesota is very scenic. The underlying geology has produced caves and other karst topography. There are limestone bluffs overlooking the Root River. There are farms as far as the eye can see. We encountered a rainstorm which produced a complete rainbow. Finally, we reached our destination for the night. It is a small, well-shaded campground. Tomorrow, we plan on touring Mystery Cave and historic Forestville. We will stay two nights here, before moving on to South Dakota.

Leaving Oak Park

at Mars Cheese Castle, Kenosha WI

Mississippi River

Welcome to Minnesota

Welcome to Wisconsin

rainbow in Minnesota